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Ballet, Pre-Pointe & Pointe

At all about DANCE, Ballet is our primary form of dance. Most of our additional classes require at least one ballet class. As the basis of all other dance varieties, having ballet as a foundation will improve technique, coordination, musicality and body awareness. Being able to master basic ballet steps is crucial to performing difficult tricks in other styles. We focus on form, grace, proper body alignment, technique and precision. Considered part of our FORCE program, students progress through each level as they achieve stronger skills, each becoming more complex as they grow.

If you are looking for ballet classes for your preschooler, click here to see our SPARKS classes.

New for the 2019-20 Season: we now offer Intensive and Recreational tracks for our ballet classes. 

What’s the Difference?

Our intensive track is for ballet dancers in 4th grade or higher who want to take their dancing to the next level. They love the art of classical ballet and want to master technique with the goal of dancing en pointe. This track offers longer class times multiple times a week, so there is more opportunity to grow and progress.

Our recreational track is for ballet dancers who enjoy ballet but prefer to only come to a ballet class once a week. They will still learn the immeasurable values that ballet has to offer, but at a slower pace.

Registration for our 2019-20 school year is CLOSED at this time. Please check out our Summer Camp options!

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