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Students may wear ballet shoes for this class. As they get more advanced, we suggest some type of foot undeez.​

SPARKS Mighty Mites

Black pants (sweat)

Black t-shirt

White Belt ($5 to instructor)

There is an optional uniform available for purchase if your son/daughter will be continuing in program.

Jazz and Tap

Jazz students must have black jazz shoes. Boot is preferred, lace acceptable.

Students may wear any combination of shorts, pants and tops. Crop tops acceptable with leotard underneath.

Tap students Level I - III Black full sole Mary Jane.

Level I/V - higher may move to split sole or keep full sole (black). Lace up Jazz/Tap shoes preferred.​​

SPARKS Dancers (all ages)

Leotard - any style, any pastel color

Tights - footed, pink or black

Ballet slippers - leather full sole, pink or black

Skirts/tutus optional

We want this to be a fun time for our kids and who doesn't love shopping for tutus! Let them choose something they will want to wear just for dance class.

 Dress Code Requirements

We believe that a uniform dress code gives students a sense of belonging to our family. Uniformity also:

  • Encourages discipline​
  • Helps students resist peer pressure to buy stylish clothes for class
  • Help identify non-students in the studio
  • Diminish economic and social barriers between students
  • Increase a sense of belonging and school pride

​​Dance attire may be purchased year-round from all about DANCEWEAR, which is our store of choice. They stock our required items as well as a copy of this list for your reference. We are also committed to restricting attire/costumes that project sexuality, contain explicity graphic or textual content. This is also true of our general studio dress code. Approprate dress must be a consideration at all times. No midriffs, cleavage (girls), bare chests (boys), short shorts (without leotard) or words written on the backside (bottom) of clothing will be permitted.

​​​​Hip Hop & Hip Hop/Jazz

Hip Hop & Hip Hop/Jazz students should wear "clean" black sneakers or jazz shoes along with any combination of shirts or crop tops (with leotard underneath). Full length pants protect knees and are desirable.

​​​​​​Ballet and Pointe/Pre-Pointe

Ballet students must have split sole ballet (canvas or leather) pink and pink ballet tights.

Ballet shrugs or sweaters, skirts and leg warmers optional.

Leotard styles are personal preference. Colors are based on Levels and are as follows:

Ballet 1A and 1B: Pastel (any color)​

Ballet 2A and 2B​: Pink (any shade)

Ballet 3 & higher: Dark (any color)

Pre-Pointe: same as ballet as they are demi-pointe (use regular ballet slipper)

Pointe shoes require special fitting for proper use. Please visit all about DANCEWEAR for best place to purchase these.

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