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Registration for our 2020-21 school year is OPEN! See below for class selection, and please reach out if you have questions on placement.

We LOVE our little dancers! Our SPARKS Program was designed for especially for preschoolers. Below are the age groups, each with its own curriculum so that your child gets the most from each class. Each group is included in our end of the year SPARKS show. View our class schedule and register below.

2-3 Year Olds: Move With Me Glow Worms I

​Just like our Glow Worms II, but caregivers spend the year in the classroom. Caregivers are part of the SPARKS show.

2.5-3 Year Olds: Move With Me Glow Worms II

​Our littlest dancers start out the year with a caregiver and gradually gain independence in the classroom. By January, caregivers become part of our lobby as our dancers learn with just the teacher.

3 Year Olds: Fireflies

​Little dancers need lots of activity and this is where the action is!  We combine ballet and jazz/contemporary to engage brain & movement concepts. Fireflies must be 3 by Sept 1 of the current season.

4 Year Olds: Sparklers

​​We call our 4 year old students Sparklers. They bring much energy to class and have a longer attention span from just a year before. These 45 minute classes explore body movement, creative thinking activities along with basic dance forms. Balance skills are just emerging and our teachers work to develop that with fun! Sparklers must be at least 4 by Sept 1 of the current season.

5 Year Olds: Embers

Embers...a glowing fragment (as of coal) from a fire. This group of students are emerging from toddler-hood into youngsters that have more control of their limbs and feet. These 60-minute classes take basic dance forms and introduce combination movement. Balance skills are continuing to develop and we focus on FUNdamental dance skills! Embers are part of all about DANCE's SPARKS Program and must be at least 5 by Sept 1 of the current season. They are included in our end of the year SPARKShow.

Kindergartners: Sunbeams

​Sunbeams...Kindergarten while this age group is considered part of our FORCE (K-12) Classes, they are still working on basic dance skills and creative movement. This 60 minute class covers a wide array of activities which includes time at the barre. Our Sunbeams are featured in the big show only.​

Tap (Embers & Sunbeams)
We have found that while they love the idea of tap, fine motor skills and attention spans at this age make it difficult to master tap. We have added a brief add-on class to give our younger students that chance to stomp and learn without the pressure of a recital piece. ​​​​

Mighty Mites Newts, Lizards & Chameleons

​​A preschool version of martial arts, Mighty Mites spend their classes learning technique, self-control & discipline all disguised as fun. Visit ourMartial Artspage for more information.​​

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