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Student Faculty Assistants

We find the student teaching is an excellent way for our older students to share the joy of dance with our little dancers. If you are interested, use this link to apply for these limited positions.

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In order to be considered as a Faculty Assistant during our 2020 - 21 dance season, you:
Must be at least 10 years old to be a Jr. Faculty Assistant. Must be at least 12 years old to be a Faculty Assistant. Must be willing and able to assist in the class in which you are assigned. Must abide by all rules set forth in the student handbook. Must follow direction of faculty and staff. Must be enrolled as a student for the current dance season. Must be able to arriving at least 10 minutes before your assigned time. Must be able to attend Faculty Assistant meetings. Must not miss more than three classes you are assigned to assist. Must wear official, unaltered Faculty Assistant shirts, dance attire and assigned dance shoes during all classes you assist. Participate in the Faculty Assistant opening routine during our annual dance show* (Jr. Assistants not eligible). Must pay, or sell, a minimum of $100 of ads for our program booklet to cover the cost of both your Performance Fee and Faculty Assistant routine choreography.

Faculty Assistant benefits include:
Tuition discount of $10 per month per class in which you are assigned. One free Faculty Assistant shirt (additional shirts available for sale at an additional cost). One free bottled water per class in which you are assigned (cannot give away, share or resell). Participate in the Faculty Assistant routine during our annual dance show (Jr. Assistants not eligible). Participate in the Faculty Assistant photos taken and displayed in our dance show program booklet. Gaining the respect of students, parents, faculty and staff - assuming, of course, it is earned. Gaining valuable knowledge and experience that will look great in the eyes of parents, family, friends and future employers.

*In order to participate in the Faculty Assistant opening routine during our annual dance show, you:
Must have been a Faculty Assistant for two consecutive years. Must take Ballet and/or Jazz as a student. Must be a Faculty Assistant for more than one class. In order to become a Faculty Assistant, you must complete this application in its entirety. By applying to be a Faculty Assistant, I acknowledged that I have read and agree with all of the terms, conditions, policies, procedures, permissions, releases, dress codes, payments and fees contained within this application form, registration form, release and waiver of liability and 2020 - 2021 Student Handbook(s). I also give permission for myself and/or my child, participant or student listed above to have photographs, audio and/or video taken in any medium (including but not limited to print, web, audio, video, radio and/or television) for advertising, marketing and/or the promotion of all about DANCE & so much more Dance Studio, its instructors and staff.

Our Teachers & Staff

​Kim Ticknor — SPARKS Program (Ballet, Jazz & Tap)
Kim, a Vandalia native, graduated from Otterbein College with a BA in Developmental Psychology with a heavy concentration in dance. Employed by the Dublin Dance Center in Columbus in all phases of the organization – with over 1200 students, DDCC provides multiple performance opportunities throughout the year, and proudly sends many dancers on to study at the college level as well as professionally.  She had the pleasure of working with such noted professionals as Billy Bruce, Bruce Terry, Kristina Isabel (of HiJinx dance) and Christina Taylor. Additionally, Kim has served on the staff at Overfield Early Childhood Program in Troy as their Creative Movement Instructor, embodying the Reggio Emilia philosophy of Early Childhood Education into the realm of dance. Kim’s Special Focus – to blend Creative Dance with sound early educational philosophies, along with the principles of educational kinesiology in order to bring the best possible preschool dance experience to Vandalia and the North End. Teaching the whole child, the whole dancer, for a better tomorrow. This is Kim's eigth season with us. We are so pleased with our ever-growing preschool program. She is an inspiration to all who meet her and does a remarkable job with our babies!

Also on staff:

Amber Sturgill — SPARKS and Ballet Instructor 

​Angela Irvin — Event Planner
Nancy Hern — Clogging
​ Instructor

Susan Trissell — Piano, Vocal & Winds Instructor

Tim Hebb — Guitar Instructor

Bill Johnston — Drum Instructor

JD Duncan — Hip Hop
JD "Dance Fever" is a native Daytonian. He is a co-founder of the popular dance group, DYT's Finest. During his first year at the University of Dayton he became head choreographer and dance teacher for a growing hip hop class offered there. He helps mentor and train students and former dance crew members. 
In his junior year, he established 2 more classes and he teamed up with SMAG Dance Collective, which is a part of Dayton Contemporary Dance Corporation (DCDC), as their hip hop specialist. JD is presently training under Flex from Zulu Kings & Stanky D to take his skills to the next level. Currently a member of a Dayton group, TWS Crew where he serves as president and head choreographer and performs throughout Ohio. JD's classes will be taught in choreographed routines which focus on poppin', breakin', lockin' and krump. Classes will be taught each move and then put in a routine in which students will be able to express themselves with dance and gain knowledge about the hip hop culture.

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Jessica Ligas — Ballet, Hip Hop/Jazz & Tap

​Content coming soon!

Lexie Anders — Ballet, Worship & Pre-Pointe

Content coming soon!

Audrey Heffner — Ballet, Adult Ballet/Jazz, & Pre-Pointe

Originally from a small town near Cincinnati, Audrey began dancing at the age of 5 and has been dancing ever since. She studied pre-professional ballet at a small studio near Cincinnati until the age of 16, taking a summer to also study with the Louisville Ballet. She has performed in a number of productions at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in downtown Cincinnati, as well as in The Nutcracker at Music Hall with the Cincinnati Ballet. After high school, she continued dancing with a club while in college. Audrey moved to Vandalia in 2015 and began taking adult ballet classes with us at AAD after graduating. She began instructing in the end of the 2015-2016 season and is excited to continue her fourth year teaching with us!

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Cindy Redolfi — Martial Arts/ Mighty Mites

Cindy Redolfi is a fourth degree black belt in a Traditional Korean Martial Arts called Kuk Sool Won. Her passion for teaching began in 1980 with teaching horseback riding. She is a PATH Intl. certified Advanced instructor with the Therapeutic Riding Institute teaching special needs individuals. She began her martial arts training in 2003 with her two boys and became the school owner of Kuk Sool Won of Dayton in 2009. She has been teaching the preschool martial arts program – the Mighty Mites – and the intro to martial arts program – the Little Dragons at All About Dance for the past seven years. Martial arts manners and respect is emphasized in each class. Students are challenged each week with obstacle courses, special animal exercises, martial arts kicks and punches as well as martial arts forms and self defense techniques while improving balance, coordination, listening skills and having fun.

Vanessa Spicer — Owner/Director
Vanessa is the owner/director for all about DANCE & so much more in Vandalia. This year marks the 12th season of our studio. Though not a dancer herself, she fell in love with the art of dance when her daughter was young. Her daughter, Emily, became a beautiful dancer and inspired her to open the studio to provide a safe place for children to learn dance in our community.

The studio has grown tremendously over the years and offers an outstanding dance program for preschool and elementary through high school students as well as adults. Additionally, the studio has expanded its art program to include music and martial arts. So much more than just a dance studio, all about DANCE is a place for families to be supported and loved by a staff of many.
Most recently, the studio has added a group music program for children from 18 months to 8 years. An innovative approach to teaching music and improve growth and learning skills in all aspects of development. Music FunTime is a great way for children to learn the foundation of music theory while using real musical instruments and play. As with all classes at all about DANCE, play is an integral part of learning. Teaching skills “through the back door” using games, creative play and music is our expertise.

It is Vanessa’s complete faith and reliance on God that continues to grow the loving environment at all about  DANCE. The studio slogan is and will always be “all are welcome, it’s what we’re all about.”

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