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At all about DANCE, we take a whole-child approach to teaching dance classes. Starting with student as young as 2 years old in our SPARKS program, we help children develop skills and understand movement through fun and engaging lessons plans. Beginning with the basics and building a solid foundation in the art of dance, your child will begin their lifelong love of dance with our amazing instructors who engage with kids on a personal level.

Our SPARKS program was designed for preschoolers, while our FORCE program is for our school-aged students. Each program offers a variety of classes, from ballet to martial arts, and will make each dancer the best they can be through our proven techniques. We accept new students at any age and skill level — we have beginner classes for any age, as well as advanced classes.

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Why all about DANCE & so much more?

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The Floor

Dance is a physical & strenuous activity that requires jumping, landing and stomping. These activities put stress on bones and joints. Most dance footwear does not provide enough cushion, so the shock of dance movement can place a lot of pressure on the knees and back of a dancer. The best way to prevent against potential injury is by choosing a studio with a professional “floating floor.” The top layer of the dance floor is also an important factor. A vinyl floor is accepted worldwide as the best surface layer for dance from recreational to professional. Professional facilities are known to use Marley floors as their dance surface. Comparable to Marley, our floor allows dancers to slide, with a degree of “controlled slip," but is not so slippery that there is risk of falls. Very few studios use professional floors because of the expense involved, and usually opt for a regular floor tile as their floor. Come take a jump on our floor and you will feel the difference for yourself!

The Instructors

Many dance studios use instructors who have grown with the studio to teach entry level classes. Often times, those chosen to teach are teenagers. While they may be wonderful dancers and great with kids they are too inexperienced to be in charge of children. Even our entry level classes are taught by teachers with experience. While we encourage our experienced students to assist our instructors as a learning opportunity, you can be sure that your child will be taught by qualified, adult teachers. Click Here to view more information about our staff.

The Curriculum

all about DANCE invests in dance curriculum that has a progressive method to teaching proper dance techniques. While we recognize that "tricks" are good for an entertaining performance, we value the importance of proper technique in art of dance. We want our students to enjoy their time spent in class and be able to show family members that they are learning while they are practicing at home. We encourage our students to practice every day. Like any other sport, regular practice improves endurance and skills. Dance lessons are fun and educational at all about DANCE!

The Music/The Moves
We evaluate the lyrics of all music used and can ensure that explicit material is not permitted in our classes. Chosen music and moves are always age appropriate and non-provocative! 

The Students
Last, but certainly most important - we value people! We are glad you chose our studio and it shows. No favorites here! All students are expected to follow our house rules and be kind to each other and respect their teachers. Leave the "attitude" at the door (outside please). We are here to dance, after all, and we need to make the most of our short time together. We expect everyone to give 100% while they are on the floor, no excuses!

Why choose all about DANCE & so much more?

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